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Sticker Nail Art

Overshadowing nail paint brands, these nail art bindis enhance the looks with charming colors and remarkable styles .All nail art supplies for your nail art designs, such as rhinestones and nail art gems, nail stickers, nail tattoos, sticker nail art, crystal nail art are made using excellent quality There are a wide range of designs and styles in these following Sticker body Jewels, The best thing is they are very much affordable, clinically tested, self adhesive and re-useable. Just peel of the jewels from the backing sheet and adhere it to which ever part of your body you would like to wear them.

We are temporary nail art tattoo manufacturer, temporary glitter & crystal nail art wholesalers and nail art tattoo exporter & we export all kind of crystal nail art tattoos ( custom crystal nailarts, Nail Arts, customized crystal Nail art , Sticker Nail Art tattoos, personalized Crystal Body Tattoos, Decorative nail art bindi stickers) to countries like USA ( United States of America), Canada, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden Australia, Netherlands, Brasil (Brazil), France, Switzerland, UK (England, Ireland, Scotland), Portugal , Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal , Italy, other countries of Europe & lot of other countries.