Henna Hair Color Dye Powder

Henna Hair Color Dye Powder


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Henna Hair Colour Dye Powder

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Henna Hair Color Powder is mix of Natural Henna Powder and few chemicals like PPD’S (BUT AMMONIA FREE) with in the confirms to European Standards thereby implying that the product is manufactured under strict quality control. It has shelflife of 3 years. This product is free from harmful chemicals like Ammonia.

Give colors in 20 minutes.

Superior Grey Coverage however, you have to do the sensitivity test before every single use. even you can use on black hairs

We carry following colors in our hair dye range: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, special Brown, Golden Brown, Medium Brown, Purple, Royal Blue, Wine Red, Mahogany,  Lemon Yellow, Burgundy, Golden Yellow and Orange.

Color Henna Powder Dyes

For Hair

      Henna – a leaf of a small shrub of which the leaves are plucked, dried and powdered and used as hair dye.

                                                                       Directions for use

1. Shampoo your hair before using the color if your hair is oily.

2. Put on the hand gloves.

3. Empty contents of  our  Color Henna  pouch into a bowl and pour

water in to make the paste. Add three parts of water to one part of henna. Knead it well. Ensure there are no lumps. Use the paste immediately.

4. Use a brush and comb for application. Separate hair into partings with a comb and apply henna with a brush working from the roots upward.

5. Pile hair on top of your head in case of long hair.

6. Let the pasted hair absorb color thoroughly for 20 minutes & go completely dry. For quick results, hair dryer may be used. Now wash hair with water

& soap or shampoo until rinsing water becomes clear & entirely colorless. After drying hair with towel or a dryer, set in required style.

7. Use the contents of the pouch on single application & do not preserve

balances. This product is for external use only. It should not be used for dying

eyelashes or eyebrows. Keep out of  reach of children.

Patch Test:

To test allergy, first apply the paste within inside your elbow & let it dry for some time. Now watch for any reaction. In case of reddening , burning  or itching do not use the product otherwise go ahead & safely use 0ur Henna.

Note: The above method is for dying grey hair.  To dye Black/Brown/Blonde hair, first  hair must be bleached. Results may vary with hair type.