Herbal Henna hair Powder

Herbal Henna hair Powder

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Herbal henna for hair

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Pure Henna Powder is mixed with precious herbal ingredients like Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, Katha, Bringhraj etc. It makes hair silky and lustrous and it gives color and radiance to hair. It has a therapeutic use.

It also has medicinal value of Henna and other ingredient prevent scalp disorder.

Herbal Henna Powder is available in air tight multi layered laminated aluminium pouches of 100 grams, 200 grams, and 1kilogram pack we make sure that the henna powder when reach to your customer it should be fresh. We also offer bulk packing in sealed drums or bag of 25 kg. We also do OEM packaging as per your artwork and labeling. Application time 3 hrs


Soak  Herbal Henna in hot water to make an applicable paste & put it  aside for 3 hours .

Put on surgical gloves to save your hands from stains.

Divide your hair in four sections & apply paste on each from root to top evenly.

Give one hours time  if using as conditioner but 3hours time if you desire to dye your hair. Rinse off

thoroughly & comb in your pet hairstyle.