Natural Henna Powder

Natural Henna Powder

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Henna Powder

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 Leaves and Twigs of the traditional plant called "LAWSONIA INERMIS" are picked manually and the sorted for only from the healthy and the best of crop is picked out and is dried only in natural sunlight for 3-4 days before being processed. The finely ground powder is the sifted in two-three layered process (sifting). Henna Powder is available in air tight multi layered laminated aluminium pouches of 50 grams, 100 grams, and 1kilogram pack we make sure that the henna powder when reach to your customer it should be fresh. We also offer bulk packing in sealed drums or bag of 25 kg. We also do OEM packaging as per your artwork and labeling. It is for body design and temporary tattoos.

 Henna, a powder obtained from the crushed leaves of the traditional Indian plant 'Lawsonia Inermis'. This plant contains Lawsonia, pure natural substance which produces red colour that not only colours 'hair' but also the nails, fingers, palms and soles. The leaves and seeds of the plants possess medicinal properties. It leaves hair shiny and smooth. Since time immemorial Henna is adorned by Indian women on their feet and hands. It protects skin from diseases.

It acts as a cooling agent for head and body. Henna contains those natural ingredients which are vital for hair nourishment. It is also used for body tattooing, textile dying and tanning. The principal advantage offered by Henna as a modern hair colour, is its eco-friendly nature and healthy for body. 


100%HENNA NATURAL POWDER- Pure henna (for hands,feet &body art):

Soak  pure henna in luke warm water for 2hours. Add  some lemon juice to the mixture. Clean the part of the body where henna is to be applied & apply henna oil. Make attractive designs on hands and feet with the help of cones. Let the paste be applied for 2-3 hrs. Now wash the henna with water & apply some henna oil.