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Stick on Body Tattoo | Sticker Body Tattoo | Crystal Stick Ons

Sticker Jewel for just about any occasion. Holidays, festivities, Celebrations or something custom or any event, just for you!

Sometimes you just cant have the real thing, so CRYSTAL India got the next best thing! Here you'll find wonderful collection of Stick on Body Tattoos ( Sticker Body Tattoos, Personalized Fake Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos, Sticker Body Tattoos, Crystal Stick Ons, Rhinestone Body Tattoos, Crystal Tattoos, Crystal Body Dots, Sticker Crystal Tattoos, Temporary Sticker Tattoo or whatever you call it )

These Crystal Sticker Tattoos can add a little bit (or alot) of bling to your body. Our Stick on Body Jewels & Crystal Tattooos are a kind of temporary tattoo that is much more a jewelry accessory than an actual tattoo. These temporary stick on jewel tattoos , Bling Tattoos & temporary crystal tattoos, unlike temporary tattoos, are crystals, glitter, rhinestone & other embellishments that are embedded on a sticker sheet . Our sizzling crystal tattoo is handcrafted from exceptional quality crystals, studded with acrylic crystals/stones, stones and glitters to produce a beautiful design. We always use lab tested, non toxic & skin friendly glue in our tattoos which makes your experience of wearing tattoo extremely nice. Apart from Stock Stick On Tattoos, we can also make stick on body jewels as per your personalized requirements. There are a wide range of designs and styles in these following Sticker body Jewels, The best thing is they are very much affordable, clinically tested, self adhesive and re-useable. Just peel of the jewels from the backing sheet and adhere it to which ever part of your body you would like to wear them. We are Temporary Tattoos Manufacturers, Sticker Tattoo Wholesalers and Crystal Tattoo Supplier & we export all kind of sticker body tattoos ( tattoo stickers, customized body tattoos, designer tattoo stickers, Pastease tattoo stickers, belly tattoo stickers, eye lid tattoo stickers, forehead tikka tattoo stickers and Girls tattoo stickers) to countries like USA ( United States), UK (England, Ireland, Scotland),Australia, Canada, Brasil (Brazil), Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal , other countries of Europe & lot of other countries.