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Crystal Tattoos | Diamantes de Imitacion del Tatuaje | Strass Tatuaggio

Crystal Tattoos add a little bit (or alot) of bling to your body. Our Crystal body tattoos are a kind of temporary tattoo that is more a jewelry accessory than an actual tattoo. With regular temporary tattoos you need to clean your skin, wet that area and apply the temporary body tattoo and wait for few moments prior to pulling away the backing, Where as these Crystal Tattoos (also known as cristal tatoos, kristall tattoo, tatuaggio di cristallo, tatouage de cristal, krist√ĄĀla tetov√Ąďjums, kryszta√Öā tatua√Ö¬ľ, tatuagem de cristal, kristal dövme, strass tattoo, bergkristal tattoo, tatuagem de strass, strass tatuaggio in different countries) , unlike regular temporary tattoos, are crystals that are embedded on a transparent (or colored) sticker sheet. We always use lab tested, non toxic & skin friendly glue in our tattoos which makes your experience of wearing tattoo extremely safe & nice. Apart from Stock Crystal Tattoos, we can also make stick on body jewels as per your personalized requirements. There are a wide range of designs and styles in these following Sticker body Jewels, The best thing is they are very much affordable, clinically tested, self adhesive and re-useable. Just peel of the jewels from the backing sheet and adhere it to which ever part of your body you would like to wear them.

The great thing about these Crystal Body Tattoos (crystal jewel tattoos, diamante tattoos, diamantes de imitacion del tatuaje, rhinestone body tattoos, decorative rhinestone tattoos, custom crystal body tattoos) is that they can be put any place on the body. The final decision is up to you though. The point of these tattoos is for them to be seen and admired and to draw attention to the wearer. Think about what you will be wearing before placing crystal tattoos on your body. The size of the strass tattoo also dictates proper placement. Smaller crystal tattoos can easily be placed on the face but larger sizes can find their way on other parts of the body including: Shoulder blades, Arm, Chest, Buttocks, Lower Back, Thigh, Cleavage, Belly button

Tattoos made from crystals (rhinestones) come in various styles and colors and can include Hearts, Diamonds, Skull and crossbones, Kissing lips, Shooting stars, Animals, Butterflies, Lady bugs, Spraying fountains, Letters, Names and other words, Angels and many more.

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